Wahe Altar Art

Wahe Altar Art

Intimate Handcrafted- Rooted in Oneness

To inspire

Cultivating Serenity in everyday life

I spontaneously offer works for sale – send me a message – it is an honor, yet, there is a small waiting list

I create Alter Art to help remind you of your essence that is free, spontaneous and joyful, to be true to yourself and what you find most important in life.

Sacred place Satya & Sahaj | puramrita

A ‘sacred space’ is a place where you can center yourself again. 

I hope the ‘Altar Art’ from my hands and soul will make you remember the qualities like humility, peace, trust and joy. 

Just to find the time and space to stop for a moment, coming home to your inherent sense of being.

The whole of life is my altar. 

Every moment sacred

What a miracle this life is.

Altar Art | Courageous heart

Big step into the UNKNOWN

Live in complete surrender. 

Blind faith becoming your new path. Every step a big step into the great UNKNOWN.

Ready to go to the new owner in Toscane

Art work | Rooted in ONENESS 

The secret of the highest Unity. With your roots spreading out into the unknowable. Trusting life.

Sacred place Ingeborg | Casa Orenda Mallorca

Art work | VATA dosha 

Hang your dosha somewhere in your home and remember your beautiful talents associated with your constitution type. 

Pitta and Kapha dosha are also sure to be intertwined in the finest linen.

Each ‘Altar Art’ comes with a small sewn booklet with inspiring words and explanation.

Art work | LEAF the stories behind 

Art work | LEAF the stories behind 

Come back to your true nature, free and joyful

The whole of life is my Altar

Our true nature is free, spontaneous and joyful. Altar Art is here to remind us again and again.

I have always loved work that is still and delicate. Even during my art academy time this was always my signature

I have so much love for peace, stillness and beauty. 

Every piece and size is a little bit different. I work with natural materials, such as linen, wool felt and when I colour I do this with natural paints made from, for example, avocado seeds and turmeric.

b x h 25 x 30 € 69,- 

b x h 35 x 35 cm € 79,- 

b x h 45 x 47 cm € 94,- 

From my heart to yours I hope you feel the energy when you bring these into your homes and studio’s.

Deze 5 elementen serie is ontstaan vanuit een warme samenwerking met Merengue de Beet

Merengue groeide op in het binnenland van Suriname aan de Saramacca rivier waar de rust, balans en verbondenheid voelbaar was in het bos en zichtbaar in de sociale verbanden van de Matawai.

Dit gevoel van jezelf zijn in harmonie met het geheel en de tegenstelling van de onrust en disbalans die ze ervoer terug in Nederland, vormde een zoektocht naar binnen die ze in kunst verbeeld. Dit is de essentie waarop al haar werk geïnspireerd is.

Merengue en ik zijn al 23 jaar bevriend en vinden elkaar in een enorme liefde voor rust, verbinding en schoonheid. Je kan de print kopen via haar website.